Sunday, 12 June 2011

Tom Hanks To Become Action Figure Major Matt Mason

Major Matt Mason
Tom Hank's production company Playtone Productions has confirmed that it will produce a 3D movie that centres on the 60's action figure Major Matt Mason which was original brought to us by Mattel. Tom Hanks will look to take a starring role as the hero according to THR who have also revealed two further Playtone Productions projects in the form of a TV version of American Gods for HBO and a film based on Green Day's American Idiot musical. Certainly a broad range of projects to choose from.

Hanks will look to star as Major Matt Mason who is an astronaut who took on aliens under the command of Captain Lazer. It may not be the best known action figure ever released but Hanks has certainly managed to stir up excitement around the film. Robert Zemeckis, who worked with Hanks on
Cast Away and The Polar Express, looks likely to direct the 3D film. With a budget of only $100 million it will be interesting to see how Playtone Production fare in the world of 3D animation, an area they have only touched on slightly in the past.

Does this project interest you? Is it a mistake to pick a relatively unknown action figure to make a film about? 

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