Thursday, 8 September 2011

Poll Result: Should There Be A Toy Story 4?

The So I Saw This Film readership have voted again and have emphatically said NO to whether there should be another Toy Story film. The poll was posted in response to a comment made recently by Tom Hanks that a fourth film could be on it's way.

I had a sneaky suspicion that the vote would turn out that way. The way I see it, the third movie was the perfect way to end. Successful film series can be put to bed whilst they are still doing well. Otherwise you end up saturating viewers and leaving them with the image of whatever film comes last in their mind. They will forget about the three brilliant movies so far if a fourth film is rushed into release. So take our advice, DON'T DO IT!

Thanks for voting guys. Remember to vote for your favourite Robert Zemeckis film below and to vote in our new poll which this week will be: Eddie Murphy: Good Choice As Oscar Host?

I want to get our readers more involved so if you have any polls you would like to see posted on the site, let us know. Cheers guys!

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Nostra said...

Although I can understand it, I would mind a fourth movie is it is as strong as the other ones. Pixar has shown that it is able to do it, but I will say that I'd rather have them make new franchises instead of making sequels...

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