Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My Cinematic Alphabet: In Depth - H

After a slight break in the regularity of these posts, it is time to resume our journey through the So I Saw This Film's top rated films for every letter of the alphabet. Today we take a look at the best films beginning with the letter H...

The Hangover
Admittedly The Hangover is probably the first comedy film to make it onto these lists. It always feels weird saying that a comedy film ranks among your favourite films of all time because for some reason you feel they don't deserve to rank among of greats. But of course, this is silly. If you love a film, say it. And I did love this film. I haven't had the pleasure of watching the second film yet but if it's anything like the first it will be worth watching. A brilliant comedy.

Horton Hears A Who!

OK, maybe this one is taking what I just said a little bit too far. I doubt whether Horton Hears A Who! will feature among many lists of this type but, for me, this film was pure genius. The voice talents of Jim Carrey made this such an enjoyable watch and they truly did the original story justice. Love it.

The Hurt Locker
A truly brilliant film from 2008 and worthy winner of an incredible 6 Academy Awards. The film launched many a career and rightly so. It is one of the best war films around and manages to focus on the new form of warfare that hasn't been touched on much in films so far. If you haven't seen this one where have you been. Check it out.

The Hurricane
I can't think of a more perfect film for somebody like me than the sublimely cool Denzel Washington starring in a moving boxing film. The story is magnificent and I won't hear those who will criticise it for bending the truth. It remains a top quality film and a must watch for boxing film fans. Check out my review of it here.

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Chimesfreedom-Pophistory said...

Good list. I would add Hoosiers, which is one of the great sports films of all time.

Nostra said...

Some very surprising choices, especially Horton. I have heard of the movie but never seen it (also don't know the original story). So according to this it is worth checking out!

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